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  • Website Desgin

    Created with Adobe Dreamweaver, using HTML & CSS, linked with Drupal.

  • Type Design

    A typeface designed with basic shapes, such as sqaures and circles.

  • Poster Design

    Posters for Smithsonian museums, an assignment for Typography class.

  • Type Specimen Book

    Kabel, a geometric typeface designed during Modernist Movement.

  • Concert Flyers

    Study of Garamond and Helvetica typeface, composition and colors.

  • Pattern Design

    Exploration of drawing tools of Illustrator as well as organic lines, scale and color.

  • Mini-portfolio

    A 3-inch miniportfolio to showcase the Adobe Illustrator projects.

  • Postcards

    A set of postcards about modern and traditional Chinese archetecture.

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