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April 22 to April 27, 2013
Hosted in partnership with the Corcoran College of Art and Design and Gateway Community Development Corporation, this week-long exhibition featured graduates from the Corcoran class of 2013. Engaging and bursting with creative energy, Fast Forward showcases the enthusiasm and talent emerging from one of the most prestigious colleges of art and design in the country.

You Exist

Painted Clay Sculptures and 12 Oil Paintings

This group of works consists of 12 small square paintings and 5 clay figures. I started with building an imaginary character with clay -- a girl with long hair covering her face. Later, I developed different poses for her, bending over, standing on her hands, holding her hair, or holding an object.

These figures are partly self-portrait, and partly representative of a personality which I admire, carefree, playful, humble, fun and positive. She is living in this world, at the same time, living outside the world.

The subject of paintings is inspired by these figures. I worked on all of them simultaneously. I played with composition, colors, transparency, texture, and kept adding layers each time. They are continuation of my interest in combining abstraction and representation as well as spatial illusion and flatness. The paintings serve as surroundings and the “world” in which the clay figures live.

Making these works was a fun process for me. Liberated from the conclusion of my thesis work, I felt more lighthearted to pursue other interests that are always parallel to my main interest in narrative painting. This work reflects my curiosity in how repetitive appearance can make a mundane image or character into an icon, as well as shows my investigation in various form of the same subject.

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