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Siamo Quel Che Mangiamo? Sustenance & Art

The theme of alimentary sustenance holds global interest; the phenomenon of nutrition exists with wide variations. These can be understood as: culture, need, pleasure, awareness. Art and culture are two dimensions that can act in protest, reflection and stimulus to change. In relation to this aspect the artist performs the role of educator and critical interpreter. Nutrition thus becomes the symbol and vehicle of metaphorical meaning, intangible messages, ineffable memories, high ideals. The history of culture is itself a big banquet table of innumerable and precious offering made available to the individual, always searching from the starting point of his hunger and thirst.

Within the Realm of Memories

Ceramic boat with 400 ceramic worms

At banquets in China, delicate food is sometimes presented on a miniature boat. On one hand, my memories of China are full of all kinds of tasty. On the other hand, overeating and being wasteful are part of our culture, and people always take it for granted. After I moved to America, I missed the food in China, but I also became more aware of what I eat, how I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. This work grew out of my memories of China and my reflections on food and my changing eating habit.

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