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Downlevel Page

Website Re-branding and Re-design

This project was assigned to me when I was interning for It was done for the eCPIC team, which operates an online application for government clients. Their old website was created in the 90s, old fashioned and did not have much design in it. Their goal is to migrate all the content to a new Wordpress CMS system, at the same time, have a fresh look. After discussion with the site's manager, and understanding what his needs were, I designed a set of new homepage and downlevel page, as well as their mobile versions, based on a new logo (branding) that I also re-designed for them. The structure of the site was based on the Wordpress theme: Skeleton. The design phase during this project look approximately 2 weeks. The complet timeline of of the project was very aggressive and the new site was launched in 5 weeks. It included design, development, content migration and quality testing.

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